Top 5 Random Acts of Kindness

We at Designed Good have come up with 5 Top Random Acts of Kindness to kick off a new weekly column for our blog, titled DG’s Top 5.

1. Place pennies face-up on the ground and make someone’s day a little luckier

You can put them anywhere, but near a fountain is prime. Who knows whose wish you’ll help come true?

lucky penny

2. Compliment a stranger on her (or his) outfit

I don’t know about you, but being complimented by a stranger puts a huge smile on my face. You’ll find that the reward of brightening up someone’s day by showing them some unexpected kindness is much greater than the potential awkwardness of talking to a stranger—plus, you might get some tips about awesome new stores to check out!

street outift
3. Donate excess stuff to Goodwill (and make Macklemore’s day!)

Do you really need that sweater that used to belong to your cousin? Chances are you have at least a few items of clothing and other stuff that, honestly, you never, ever use. There are tons of places like Goodwill, the Salvation Army, etc. that will take them and sell them cheap to a family—or a rich and famous rap artist—who could really use them.

4. Send a note of appreciation

The wonderful thing about this RAK is that not only does the receiver feel appreciated, but you will also feel more aware of the multiple things you’re grateful for in your relationships with those around you.

5. Volunteer at a community event

This can be anything from helping out at a soup kitchen to coaching a team at a Special Olympics event to running the cash register at a tag sale. The possibilities to help are endless, and it’s a great way to meet a bunch of new people from your community.

Special Olympics 2

Do you have suggestions for more Random Acts of Kindness? Leave them in a comment!


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