On Design: Responsibility for the Future

Ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It’s a gyre of millions of tons of floating plastic suspended by a massive revolving current in the middle of Pacific. What happens to all of our stuff after we are done with it especially when those things we love are made from materials, like most forms of plastic, which take decades upon decades to biodegrade completely?  As the product designer here at Designed Good, I think about that a lot.

A big part of any given one of my workdays is dreaming up awesome design objects for Designed Good. It would be really easy to make a beautiful object that is made from environmentally irresponsible materials. The unfortunate fact is that those materials are frequently easier and cheaper to shape into something new. But we at Designed Good hold ourselves to a higher standard that doesn’t allow corner cutting or the creation of products that don’t break down and can’t be recycled.

Environmental impact is often seen as a climate issue and the debate is numerically driven; degrees of global temperature shift or tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. The human side is forgotten. When floating plastic bits choke out thousands of fish that a village in the Philippines depends on, the issue at hand shifts from one of climatological change to one of social responsibility surrounding a massively disenfranchised group of folks who are caught in the middle of a catastrophe.

Soon we will be launching a line of Designed Good-made products that will stand as the vanguard of social responsibility. These products will support people who need help and will be environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle. When you buy Designed Good merch, you should feel good knowing that you’re part of a growing community of people who care and want their things to do the same.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to Designed Good.


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